Citrus hystrix


H: Up to 3-4m.

W: Up to 1.8m.

This species of Indonesian lime has highly aromatic foliage, which along with the rind, are essential ingredients for creating the authentic flavour of Asian cookery.


Where can they be grown?

Kaffir limes need a warm, temperate to tropical climate. They prefer hot summers and mild, dry winters. They can be planted any time of year

Tips for growing

  • Full sun
  • Slightly acidic soil
  • compost or well-rotted manure
  • Feed four times a year with a balanced, organic fertilizer
  • Keep mulches from touching the stem base to reduce risk of fungal infections.

Container growing






Train a tree by selecting a single, upright stem to form the leader and aim to create an open, vase-shaped crown. Remove all shoots emerging from below the graft union. Similarly, remove weak, spindly or dead shoots at any time of year.


Pick the outer leaf, leaving the inner leaf to continue feeding the tree.








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